Experiential designer of the third dimension. Art director. Shameless incognito lab rat. Production designer. Adrenaline junkie. A Bowl of Sprinkles That Just Exploded.


As a jack of all trades, titles just fail to embody her domain of creative endeavors. Simply put and above all else, Kate is a designer of spaces and things. 

After graduating from Pratt Institute in 2011 with honors + a degree in Industrial Design, Kate founded her career in New York City exploring vast industries of spatial design. 

From the window displays of Fifth Avenue to music video sets on rooftops in Bed Stuy. From designing custom lofts to sourcing pigeons as characters in a short film. She once got inked to save a tattoo salon scene from getting the nix.

And in 2017, she took an odyssean leap to Los Angeles, to design in a warmer light. New horizons have opened as wide as the Pacific Ocean ever since. 

No matter what the creative challenge, she faces each opportunity head-on as a relentless optimist with an adventurist eye.

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Have a question about the work?  Want to go bungee jumping? Drop her a line to kick off your next big thing. 


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